RAPHAEL - The Holy Family with the Lamb of 1504
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This exhibition could not have materialized without the cooperation and active support of the participating museums and institutions. In addition to the directors of the Museums at Angers, Pavia, Oxford, Munich and Coburg, whose names are already quoted in the Preface, I wish to express my special gratitude to: Christine Besson (Angers), Dr. Susanna Zatti (Civici Musei Pavia), Dr. Catherine Whistler (Oxford), Dr. Cornelia Syre and Veronica Poll-Frommel (Munich), Dr. Christiane Wiebel (Coburg), A. V. Griffith, Katherine Ward (British Museum, London), Dr. Artemisia Calcagni (Florence), Dr. Birgit Laschke (Kunsthistorisches Institut, Florence), Dr. Sivigliano Alloisi (Rome), R. W. Stedman, (Wilton House), Amélie Lefebure (Chantilly), Dr. Kurt Wettengl (Frankfurt/M), Dr. Gregor J. M. Weber (Dresden), Anette Dopatka-Saltenberger M. A. (Usingen).

Dr. Susan Tipton’s texts on the graphic works the table of events and the bibliography were indispensable. She also made a valuable contribution to the ‘mise en scène’ of the exhibition. For this she is to be especially thanked here. Even though our request for a loan was unsuccessful I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the Vice-Director of the Museo del Prado, Dr. Manuela Mena Marques. The Willi Leibbrand GmbH, Bad Homburg and the Directorate of the Schloßhotel Reinhartshausen did everything in their power to assist in the search for the copy missing from Reinhartshausen.
I hope that all owners of further copies after Raphael’s Holy Family with the Lamb will respond to my plea to get in touch with me so that the research of this subject can be continued as far as possible.

Jürgen M. Lehmann

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