RAPHAEL - The Holy Family with the Lamb of 1504
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Colour plates (I) and black and white photographs (figures) (1)

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G. Bößert, U. Brunzel) (VI), 1, 2, 3, 4, 25, 26


Dr. phil. Jürgen M. Lehmann


About the book:

The origin of a small devotional painting, "The Holy Family with Lamb" by Raphael in 1504, falls exactly at the time of Michelangelo’s "David", Leonardo’s "Mona Lisa" and Giorgione’s "Castelfranco Madonna". The book looks into the predispositions and sources for the creation of this masterpiece, i.e. the relationship between the young Raphael and the 52-years-old Leonardo da Vinci. It looks at the numerous replicas, copies and variants from the 16th century and the subsequent existence of the motif in later graphic reproductions. Aspects around the history of the collections round off this monograph.

About the author:

Dr. phil. Jürgen M. Lehmann studied history of art and classical archaeology in Frankfurt/Main, Heidelberg and Vienna. He gained his doctorate in 1967 on the subject "Domenico Fetti - life and work of the Roman painter". Since 1968, he has been working on the stock of Italian, French and Spanish paintings at the State Museums of Kassel (formerly State Art Collections, Kassel). His opus magnum, the scientific catalogue "Italian, French and Spanish paintings from 16th to 18th century", was published in 1980. Other books on the Kassel Picture Gallery and numerous publications in German and international art periodicals on Italian Renaissance and Baroque painting have made Dr. Lehmann well known among connoisseurs and amateurs of Italian art.

Photo: Rainer Brem Landshut


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